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Do you want a daily barber competition in various competition categories with you in the barber shop, if so, the Barber App is the right choice for you.


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The Barber battle App is a competition of barbers / barbers who compete in various competition categories, each for himself. It is an application that contains many barber competitions, both knowledge and practice, which are evaluated on the basis of photos and answers. After a successful registration, an account will be created automatically where you can edit your barber profile and present yourself among other registered barbers, for each competition you receive badges that you can change for valuable prizes, a certain number of accumulated marks will move you in the difficulty level. this also builds the rating of your profile. If you want to compete anytime and anywhere, just log in on our website or via the mobile application.

The section for members of the Barber Battle App is not ready yet

We are preparing theoretical and practical barber competitions and games for you.


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Create an account on our website, improve your profile, upload photos of your cuts and start competing and collecting badges that you can then exchange for valuable prizes.

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