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Barber battle On-line is a competition of barbers / hairdressers who compete with each other in five categories, which are conditioned by style and rules. The competition is evaluated on the basis of six submitted photographs, which are captured and photographed from conditioned angles. The submitted photos of the competition are made available for inspection by an expert jury from abroad, which has the task of selecting the five best from each competition category. They then defend their submitted hairstyles. Contestants also have the opportunity to publish these photos on our social networks, where there will be a public vote. The winners receive valuable prizes from our sponsors, marketing support from media partners, promotion to the European Barbering Championships where they will represent the Czech Republic and, of course, there will be a representative cup, which will be the decoration and pride of your salon.

Instructions on how to proceed

After registration and paid fee, you will receive an email with the password under which you will upload your photos on our website.


Below, choose your favorite competition category, choose the number of pieces, create a registration.

If you have more ideas than you thought, you don't know which one to send, don't despair, registrations are not limited in number.


The idea is the most important and most valuable, you have to follow the rules of the chosen category.

Stick to the conditions and style of the chosen category, they are specified in the rules.


Transform your idea and reality into reality. Don't forget to emphasize the quality of the chosen model.

Emphasize the quality of the photos and follow the instructions in the terms and conditions. Don't try to edit the photos in any way, the points are down.


Take a picture of your final hairstyle with 6 angles, exactly according to the instructions given in the conditions.

After logging in, upload the photo documentation, don't forget the rules, the maximum number of pieces that are listed in the rules


After payment, you will receive a code that will serve as a login password to your email

The results of advancing to the finals of your work will be published one week after the deadline.


After uploading your photo documentation, press the send button and it's done, now it's our turn.

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