Rules Barber Battle Online

Photo documentation until : 20.6.2021

Online announcement of the finalists: 27.6.2021

Start of online announcement: 18.00

Overall results: 28.6.2021

Foreword and justification

This competition is created on the basis of today's times and government regulations that do not allow us to compete and support this field. Therefore, an online barber contest is the only way and means to promote this craft, to promote the psychological side of barbers / hairdressers who have been without their favorite job and job for a year.

The password to the On-line disk (Guest section) for uploading your photo documentation will be sent to you by email immediately after successful registration.


Barber battle On-line is a competition of barbers / hairdressers who compete with each other in five categories, which are conditioned by style and rules. The competition is evaluated on the basis of six submitted photographs, which are captured and photographed from conditional angles. The submitted photos of the competition are made available for inspection by an expert jury from abroad, which has the task of selecting the five best from each competition category. They then defend their submitted hairstyles. Contestants also have the opportunity to publish these photos on our social networks, where there will be a public vote. The winners receive valuable prizes from our sponsors, marketing support from media partners, promotion to the European Barbering Championships where they will represent the Czech Republic and, of course, there will be a representative cup, which will be the decoration and pride of your salon.

Instructions for the correct insertion and submission of competition photos

By registering for the competition, you agree to follow the instructions below:

1. Competitor registration

The competitor chooses the competition category and fills in the appropriate registration form. He pays attention when filling in the information so that he can access the page with the possibility of data storage of the final photo documentation of his hairstyle. The registration of each competition category is not conditioned by the number of purchased registrations, which means that each competitor can buy any number of pieces of any competition category.

2. Creative idea

By registering, the competitor also undertakes that the inserted photo documentation of the hairstyle creation in the store accessible to us was created thanks to the idea and creativity of the competitor.

3. Hairstyle creation

The competitor will carefully read the conditions of the purchased category in order to avoid unnecessary disqualification for not following the style of hairstyle in the given category.

Each competition category is in a certain men's style of hairstyle and the competitor must adhere to the conditions offered by this category.

4. Photodocumentation

Photo documentation is one of the most important points! Contestants must comply with the conditions of taking photos of their final hairstyles, otherwise disqualification or a call to modify the submitted photo documentation is possible.

  • Embedded photos, the contestant's hairstyles will be photographed in front of a uniform background without any unnecessary distractions.

  • The photo documentation inserted into the accessible repository will contain photographs that are photographed from clearly defined six angles of view. This manual is part of this document or available at

  • The maximum number of inserted photos per hairstyle is six pieces, ie 1 angle of view 1 inserted photo. The number of six uploaded photos is valid for each ticket purchased in each competition category.

  • The final uploaded photos of the contestant's hairstyle will be at least 4 MB in size per photo and will be uploaded in jpg format.

5. Storage access

After registering and paying for the purchased tickets, each contestant will receive an email that contains a link to enter the store and a generated code that serves as an entry password to this store. After successful login, upload your photo documentation and then press send. With this step, your hairstyle creation was sent to assess compliance with the rules and conditions set for this competition discipline.

Online announcement of finalists

The results of the five barbers advancing to the finals from each competition category will be announced online, one week after the end of the possibility of uploading photo documentation. The online broadcast will take place on our TVlive Barber Battle channel, which can be watched at

Defending hairstyles

The defense of the top five from each category will take place online in the form of questions regarding the hairstyle creation process, on a set day and time determined by the organizer of this event.

A model that has been modified by the contestants must also join the defense online!

The winners will be announced on the day of the hairstyle defense. Winning prizes will be sent to the winners by post to the address provided in the registration.

The correct angle of the final photo documentation sent to the competitors

General conditions for the Barber Battle Online competition


  • If the competitor does not manage to submit the photo documentation on time, he loses his place in the competition together with the registration fee.

  • All competitors have specifications for cutting according to their category, which are listed in the conditions of the competition category. The jury will evaluate 1-10 points on the points system. 1 (least) 10 (most) points. If the same number of points is in the same category, the jury will decide together on the main winner.

  • Only the overall results of the finalists proceeding to defend their hairstyles will be made available to the public. The remaining results will be made available only to competitors, on the website in a password-protected page. The password will be sent to your email address provided in the registration.

  • The contestant agrees that he and his model will be published on social networks and websites.

  • The organizer of Barber Battle sro reserves the right to cancel or change the conditions of the competition and the start time of the competition

Rules of competition categories

Barber Battle Online is a competition in five categories, which are not limited by the number of registered competitors.

1. Creative Beard Online

2. Hair Tattoo Online

3.Classical Haircut Online

4.Freestyle Color Haircut Online

5. Top Crop Online

1. Creative Beard Online

The contestant will create a beardtrim, adjusting the beard according to his creative idea. In this competition category, beards can be adjusted to various styles of mustache, beard and beard. It is allowed to use beard colors, creative accessories in any form.


  • Creativity barbera

  • The overall appearance of the model

  • Cleanliness of the work performed

  • Photo quality and sharpness

2. Hair Tattoo Online

The contestant creates a shape from the hair according to the template or his idea in the style of a figure, object, face or geometric shapes. The size of the shaved figure must occupy at least 25% of the total hair area of the model. It is forbidden to use hair dye in any form.


  • Creativity and the idea of a barber

  • The overall appearance of the model

  • Cleanliness and precision of the work performed

  • Quality and sharpness of the sent photo documentation

3. Classical Haircut Online

The contestant will create a classic men's cut from longer hair with the help of three basic haircut shapes, compact shape, gradation, uniform gradation. This category is characterized by the cut of pomps, clasiccic and taper, scissor fade. It is forbidden to use hair dye in any form.


  • Creativity barbera

  • The overall appearance of the model

  • Cleanliness of work

  • Quality and sharpness of the sent photo documentation

4. Freestyle Color Haircut Online

The contestant will create a men's creative hairstyle according to his own idea and idea without any restrictions.

Hair color in any form is allowed in this competition category. This category is in no way conditioned or specified by the style of the hairstyle, here it depends on the imagination of the competitor.


· Creativity and the idea of a barber

· The overall appearance of the model

· Cleanliness, precision of the work performed

· Quality and sharpness of the sent photo documentation

5. Top Crop Online

The contestant will create a modern men's Crop cut according to his / her idea. This competition category is based on four combinations of crop hairstyles Heavy top, Soft top, Undercut top, Messy top. It is forbidden to use hair dye in any form.


· Barber creativity

· The overall appearance of the model

· Cleanliness of the work performed

· Quality and sharpness of the sent photo documentation

Author of rules and text: BA Robert Kellner Dr.hc

Text correction: Mgr. Brigitta Georgiev, MBA

Photo documentation: Bohumil Kubesa