Rules Barber Battle Stream

When: 29.5. 2021

Start: 11.00 competitors

Live stream: 11.30 am audience

Where: Online

Foreword and justification

This competition is created on the basis of today's times and government regulations that do not allow us to compete and support this field of barber. That's why we decided to compete this way online. Today, it is the only means to support this field and the psychological side of people, barbers and hairdressers who have been without their favorite job and job for a year.


Barber Battle Stream is a type of competition that takes place online streaming with the participation of a jury, contestant, commentator and registered audience, who can watch the entire live broadcast for free on the website

The competition is divided into three categories, namely the women's category Laidis Barber and the men's category men Barber. The only difference between these categories in terms of conditions and rules is the difference in the start of the competition category and at the same time in the airtime for online viewers. The Fast fade category is a common category of men and women in the speed of fade execution.

This type of competition is limited by age, starting at 15+. The registration fee includes an email ticket, which the competitor will prove right at the beginning of the live stage and a link to the online gateway, which will be valid until the day of the competition.

Instructions for successful Live transmission

By registering for this competition, you are obliged to provide and follow the subsequently announced instructions in good time before the start of your competition category and the actions listed below during the competition.

1. Space, equipment, barber tools and products

The place where the contestant will cut his model, which is in the shot of your mobile phone or webcam, will be tidy. The space will include a chair, a barber chair for the model, a storage table for work items and a mirror if necessary for your work. We recommend competing where you are used to cutting.

All equipment must be provided by the competitor himself and must be prepared in a place comfortable for him before the start of the competition. The power tool that he will use for his hair creation must be ready in place and possibly connected to the mains, if the electrical socket is out of range of the camera recording, because during the competition it is forbidden to leave the camera for any purpose.

The hair cosmetics that the contestant will use for the hairstyle will be provided by them themselves, before the start of the competition, it is not allowed to serve any equipment, tools and products by anyone outside the model during the competition. Any brand and type of hair cosmetics is allowed, except for color sprays, foams, stylings, color sprays and topik-style powders.

Competitors must have their own:

  • machines

  • scissors

  • hairdryer

  • razors

  • combs / brushes

  • raincoat

  • styling preparations

2. Camera equipment and wifi signal quality

In order to ensure continuous high-quality data transfer to the jury and the viewer, it is necessary to provide a fast Internet signal with a minimum recording speed limit of 50g and a charged or connected electrical network camera device. The camera device can be in the form of a mobile phone or GOpro, a webcam, but the camera device must have a minimum lens resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels.

If the competitor does not ensure quality image transmission or the image is unstable and disqualified from the competition, a small tolerance of weather conditions or a bad signal from the Internet provider is taken.

It is necessary for the competitor to have to record and transmit the soundtrack at the same time as the image, but he does not have to have any external microphones or remote transmitters. If his camera equipment includes this option, then it is certainly sufficient, the soundtrack is not conditional in both reception and transmission. Communication with the contestant will take place mainly during the initial transfer test and during the creation of the hairstyle, the jury or commentator may ask questions and questions about her work and creation of the hairstyle. During the competition, the contestant will be recorded and broadcast to the jury and the viewer, especially only the image, which will be supplemented by our music track, which meets the copyright on the broadcasting of audio media in accordance with the law paragraph-13. paragraph-2.

However, the receiving and transmitting soundtrack must have the room sound switched on throughout the competition from another transmitter, such as a radio or other soundtrack, and must not be extremely loudly amplified so as not to become such a disruptive element when asked by a commentator and jury. during the competition.

Internet signal test

Before starting the live broadcast, the competitor should perform an internet signal strength test in order to meet the limit for successful live broadcast.

Signal strength test procedure:

Enter one of the links below into the search engine and after opening, press the START TEST button, START MEASUREMENT.


  3. Installation of camera equipment

Assembly and installation of a camera device, mobile phone or GOpro, the webcam will be performed by the competitor before the start of his competition category.

The camera device will preferably be attached to a tripod, stand or other product holding the camera in the direction and angles of view of the camera specified by us.

The camera stand will be placed in front of a chair or barber's chair in such a range that the image captures half of the model's body from the chest towards the head and at the same time captures the competitor in the half figure from the waist to the head. The camera must transmit an image throughout the competition that will not be obscured in any way by your back or another person's body. The camera image must be the same from the beginning of the test and the camera must not be placed in a place where the camera equipment may fall or vibrate. We recommend competitors if they cut or modify the model from the front during the hairstyle creation, to obtain a barber or hairdressing chair for handling and rotating the chair by 360 degrees, thus avoiding shading of the transmitted image from the camera equipment and thus preventing possible disqualification.

The camera stand or tripod must be placed in place so that it does not bind the competitor during its creation, the distance from the chair back should be about 2m, depending on the quality of the lens of the camera equipment. For easier and correct installation of the camera equipment, we have clearly shown you the procedure, range and the resulting transmission image below in the photos.

4.Final camera manipulation

Competitors must put away all work tools and hair cosmetics after completing their hairstyle and at the same time expiring. The model should be clean after the time limit with no hair cut on the body and face and should also be stripped of its haircut. After the time has elapsed, the competitor will be signaled by an audible siren 10 seconds before the end of the time limit. It is the competitor's duty to leave all activities with the model after the sound siren and to prepare for the final presentation of his hairstyle.

The final presentation will take place only after the call of the commentator, there may be a time delay due to the number of competitors. By inviting the commentator for the final presentation of his hairstyle, the contestant prepares his camera device so that the camera can be manipulated, which means that he removes the camera from the stand or tripod and prepares to bypass the closer angle of his model. When invited by a commentator, the contestant will bypass his model by 360 degrees from a closer to a detailed point of view, it is possible that the contestant will repeat this step in order to get the correct evaluation of the obstetricians. It is also possible that the contestant will be asked by a jury or commentator to approach a point or hair part of your hairstyle. Upon completion, the contestant will take a picture of his model on his mobile phone or camera from the angles shown below and send the captured photo documentation to the email below or insert it into a link that will be functional on the day of the competition.

The correct angle of the transmitted image from the camera device

The correct angle of the final photo documentation sent to the competitors

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General conditions for the Barber Battle competition.

  • The condition for registration and access to the online gateway Barber Battle TV Live is to have paid the registration fee / fees.

  • Access to the online website of the BarberBattle TV Live (competitor and model) will be allowed from 10:30 am based on the above-mentioned step.

  • The contestant prints the ticket or prepares the ticket on his / her mobile phone before entering the online web gateway, so that he / she can prove himself / herself with the ticket number, which is indicated on the ticket in the upper right corner.

  • The competitor is obliged to prove himself with an identity card.

  • Competitors must adhere to the start schedule before the start of their competition category due to the start test of the transmission of sound and image quality.

  • The Competition Model cannot have a pre-prepared cut. Hair must not be cut or shaped in any way before the competition. During the competition, it must be cut at least ½ from the length of the hair.

  • The contestant must show a change of hairstyle. The hair of the model will be evaluated before cutting or during registration and the subsequent initial transfer test. Violation of this rule may be a reason for disqualification from the competition.

  • If a competitor misses the start of his competition category, he loses his place in the competition together with the registration fee.

  • All competitors have the specified time and specifications for the cut according to their category, which are listed in the conditions of the competition category. The jury will evaluate 1-10 points on the points system. 1 (least) 10 (most) points. If there are the same number of points in the same category, the jury will decide together on the main winner.

  • The results of the jury will be made available to the public, but only the first three places. The remaining results will be made available only to competitors the following day on the website in a password-protected page. The password will be sent to your email address provided in the registration.

  • The contestant agrees that he and his model will be published on social networks and websites and also agrees to be recorded at all times, both their audio and video tracks transmitted from his camera equipment.

  • The organizer of Barber Battle sro reserves the right to cancel or change the conditions of the competition and the start time of the competition

Rules of competition categories

Barber Battle Stream is a competition in three categories which are limited by the number of registered competitors and the time of the competition category, it is also divided according to the gender of the competitor.

Ladies Barber 4O min - is a competition category for women only.

Men Barber 40 min - Is a competition category for men only.

Fast Fade 20 min - It is a competition category for both men and women.


1.Ladies Barber 45 min

All competitors have 45 minutes to create a classic men's style. This category is marked by Combover, Pomps, Tapers, Part and Comps, etc. It is forbidden to use hair color in any form! FOR THIS COMPETITION CATEGORY, MODELS ARE PROVIDED BY THE COMPETITORS!
It is evaluated:

  • Scissor and razor work technique

  • Cleanliness of work

  • Creativity barbera

  • The ultimate styling

2. Man Barber 45 min

All competitors have 45 minutes to create a classic men's style. This category is marked by Combover, Pomps, Tapers, Part and Comps, etc. It is forbidden to use hair color in any form! FOR THIS COMPETITION CATEGORY, MODELS ARE PROVIDED BY THE COMPETITORS!
It is evaluated:

  • Scissor and razor work technique

  • Cleanliness of work

  • Creativity barbera

  • The ultimate styling

3. Fast Fade 20 min

All competitors have 20 minutes to create a fast fade. Each model must have a hair length of more than 6 mm at the top of the head. The hips must not be cut. It is forbidden to use hair color in any form! Lines, contours must not be pre-prepared.

It is evaluated:

  • Purity fade

  • Barber professionalism

  • Execution speed

  • The final look

Author of rules and text: BA Robert Kellner Dr.hc

Text correction: Mgr. Brigitta Georgiev, MBA

Photo documentation: Bohumil Kubesa